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Tuesday, June 03, 2008You Wanted Cupcakes....

Yeah, another overly-cute version of yuppie crack (macaroni & cheese being another one) that seems to appeal to the ladies more than anything, other than that other thing. I have never actually heard a gentleman go ga-ga over these, at least anyone over the age of 12, unless of course they were stoned out of their minds in which case it doesn't really count. (Speaking of stoners, didn't the 2nd Harold & Kumar movie really blow? Except for Neil Patrick Harris on the unicorn, of course.)

But I'd like to change all that by saying cupcakes are pretty macho when they're done right. Not too much frosting, an airy and light batter, made by hand, by someone who knows what they're doing. Francis is a fourth-generation baker from France, and he sells his chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with several different frostings at The Upper Eastside Market every Saturday. They are also the right size, just four or five bites, and $1.50 to boot.

The guy used to stay up with his dad in France, trying to stay awake through the baking process (usually from 10PM to 5AM), but he told me he never made it through the night. Baking is a tough job, no doubt about it, but his guava cheesecake was one of the best dessert items I've had this year, worth the tough labor, if you ask me. I brought it to a dinner party, and it was mauled before I could take a photo or even get a cake knife. Covered in fruits, the sweet/tart cheesecake was not dense like Italian (or NY-style) cheesecake, but more light and smooth, like the French style (naturally). It was also beautiful to look at, and a lot more fun than just bringing another bottle of wine to a friend's house for dinner. (In fact, I am no longer bringing wine to dinner parties-it's desserts, or flowers, or something else-but that's another rant, for another post.) He also sells colorful little meringue cookies, coconut macaroons, biscotti, lemon cake, chocolate cake, and some other kinds of cookies and cakes, including regular cheesecake(both cheesecakes were also available by the slice).

And if cupcakes are just for girls, then you can call me a girly-man. I'm hooked.
Upper Eastside Market, Saturdays from 9AM-3PM at 65th and Biscayne Blvd.